Steve Bannon Celebrates Being Rated Number One by the New York Times and Brookings Institute

The far-left New York Times in concert with the far-left Brookings Institute came out with their list of the top misinformation podcasts on the Internet. 

The top entity identified by the NYT was none other than Steve Bannon’s War Room.

(Note when a liar calls you a liar that usually confirms you are spot on.)

Steve Bannon took the rating as a badge of honor.  Natalie Winters writes.

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The New York Times in concert with The Brookings Institution appear to be advocating for increased censorship of conservative podcasts that address topics like election fraud and alternative COVID-19 treatments by alleging that these shows are serial spreaders of “misinformation.”

The article, “Election Falsehoods Surged on Podcasts Before Capitol Riots, Researchers Find,” is a perfect example of agenda-driven journalism, which, in this case, appears to be de-platforming programs such as The Sean Hannity Show, The Charlie Kirk Show, the Mark Levin Podcast in addition to War Room.

The article seeks to imply that the aforementioned shows and the unregulated sharing of election fraud-related information are culpable for the events of January 6th. (Put simply: censor shows that defy establishment-sanctioned narratives or else January 6th-style events will happen ad infinitum.)

The New York Times is regurgitating analysis from The Brookings Institution, alleging that War Room was the top spreader of election “misinformation.” While what constitutes “misinformation” is a wholly subjective matter, it’s clear The New York Times’s use of the establishment, Washington, D.C. think tank’s report is part of an effort to make its anti-conservative agenda seem more legitimate in the eyes of the reader.

It’s a perfect example of The New York Times information laundering on behalf of the Brookings Institution, and it’s clear that “misinformation” translates to any narrative that doesn’t conform with the talking points of the establishment and the Brandon regime.

Bannon’s War Room probably receives more reporting from The Gateway Pundit than any other online site.  His guests are very sharp and his topics are those that the NYT will never discuss or report on.

The War Room like The Gateway Pundit is also almost always eventually proven right.  This is why the New York Times and the Brookings Institute hate him.  Because he is right and he is effective in getting the truth out.

See Steve Bannon with Natalie Winters discuss the New York Times article below.

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