Steve Bannon says Trump will declassify assassination documents on JFK, RFK, Malcolm X, and MLK Jr. –

Steve Bannon says Trump will declassify assassination documents on JFK, RFK, Malcolm X, and MLK Jr.

Should he be elected president again and actually make it into the White House, Donald Trump plans to declassify all assassination documents associated with John F. Kennedy (JFK), Robert F. Kennedy (RFK), Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK Jr.).

“On the afternoon of the 20th [of January 2025] … he’s going to declassify everything!” announced Steve Bannon at the recent Turning Point Action Conference about Trump’s plans for a second term.

“We’re going to release all the assassination files on John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Bobby Kennedy.”

Bannon also said that Trump is going to “throw in two more for bonus” as an enticement to get more people to vote for him in 2024.

“The assassination attempt on George Wallace, so we covered everybody,” Bannon said.

“And under Bill Barr, we’re going to take the file on Jeffrey Epstein and see who murdered him under Bill Barr. And every foreign intelligence apparatus that worked with him, it’s all coming out.”

(Related: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is also running for president in 2024 as a Democrat.)

Trump will go straight to work in January 2025 – no parade or even lunch

Bannon told the crowd that, if elected again, Trump will get straight to work the day he is inaugurated. Trump will skip the parades and even lunch with the “big swells,” as Bannon called them.

“We know the enemy’s the Chinese Communist Party, the KGB, the Mullahs, and the administrative state,” Bannon went on to bellow, receiving loud cheers from the audience.

“They’re trying to keep the information from you. You’re the most powerful force in the history of mankind. The Revolution. The Civil War. World War II. There is nothing [that has] ever defeated the American people.”

“And an informed American citizen, with the consent of the governed that does not comply, needs that information.”

Since many of his former supporters are still outraged over his Operation Warp Speed push, which unleashed Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” so the Brandon regime could mandate them, Trump will have to talk a really big game to garner the support he needs to win.

With RFK Jr. making the rounds promising to do many of these same things and a whole lot more, Trump will need to set himself apart from Kennedy in such a way that We the People know he means business and will actually keep his word.

According to Bannon, Trump wants to go after the CIA in the same way Kennedy is promising to do.

“We’re going to start with declassification of the 25 heroes that were CIA agents embedded in Beijing and throughout China that were murdered. Why? Because a mole turned their names over,” Bannon said.

“We need all the investigative files. Can the American people handle that? You think they can handle it? We’re going to release it all. All of it’s going to be declassified because the reason they classify it is to keep the information from you.”

On Twitter, one person asked why Trump did not do all of these things during his first term.

“Why did it not occur during his first presidency?” this person asked. “And more relevant now is what happened with pardoning Julian Assange?”

Another pointed out that all the declassification in the world is meaningless unless the documents being declassified are unredacted.

“Trump said all this before and, no, it didn’t happen,” this person wrote. “Don’t say things that aren’t going to happen – voters are paying attention.”

“Did he lock Hillary up yet?” another asked.

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