Strange Bedfellows - Hunter Biden's Laptop Shows He Had a Relationship with Someone You'd Never Guess

Emails on Hunter Brandon’s laptop reveal the unlikely close friendship between Hunter Brandon and Tucker Carlson.

The Daily Mail reported on the connection between Tucker Carlson and Hunter Brandon yesterday.

Hunter Brandon was close friends with Tucker Carlson, wrote a recommendation for his son’s Georgetown application, and even got Carlson to intervene in a story about him on Hunter’s behalf.

Emails from Hunter’s abandoned laptop show the Fox anchor and the president’s son were close until around 2015 – revealing Carlson failed to disclose the true extent of his friendship throughout his extensive coverage of the scandals surrounding Hunter’s business and personal transgressions revealed by his abandoned computer.

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In emails Hunter professed his ‘love’ for Carlson and his family, called him ‘buddy’ and told him ‘you’re a friend’.

This is a bit surprising since Tucker reported on Hunter Brandon’s dealings with Burisma shortly before the 2020 Election.

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But on the other hand, Tucker did report that a package he received of Hunter Brandon documents went missing shortly before the 2020 Election.

BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Tells Viewers a Package with Brandon Documents Sent By His Producer from NY to LA Went Missing in the Mail — Says They Kept Copies

Tucker a few days later claimed that he found the lost package but the contents of that package were not shared before the 2020 Election.

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