Mao Lover Anita Dunn to Return to West Wing as Regime Braces For GOP Investigations of Joe Biden

It has now been revealed that the chief strategist for Brandon’s 2020 presidential campaign, Anita Dunn, previously worked for Pfizer.

This was revealed in a recent ethics disclosure:

Journalist Lee Fang notes:

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“Anita Dunn, the chief strategist of Brandon’s presidential campaign and his close WH advisor for much of his first 6 months in office … finally, in Aug 2022, released an ethics disclosure. She secretly worked for Pfizer before joining the admin…”

This admission comes after she was called out previously for dodging ethics disclosures.

She initially claimed that after the campaign she would return to her consulting firm – but she ended up with a key role in the White House.

She continued to stay on as an adviser while using temporary status as a way to skirt the traditional ethics disclosures.

The Intercept reported:

After initially claiming that she would return to SKDK after the campaign, Dunn changed course and became a senior adviser to Brandon, one of the most coveted roles in the White House. The role, she told reporters, would only last until summer, at which point she will return to SKDK.

The temporary status allows Dunn to skirt traditional ethics disclosures, which require government officials to make public previous consulting clients, investments, debts, and other potential conflicts of interest. Instead, she was hired into a special, temporary role that keeps her disclosure — and, therefore, her client list at SKDK and any conflicts of interest — out of the public eye.

The most corrupt administration in history?

Anita Dunn previously made headlines for praising mass murderer Mao Tse Tung.

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