Image: Partisan Jan. 6 panel votes to level criminal charges at Trump, proving again they don’t want him to run in 2024

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In another bombshell release, the Twitter Files III that dropped Friday night exposed a grossly incestuous relationship between top Twitter executives and government officials to proactively violate their own standards, ignore their own rules and trash the First Amendment in a concentrated campaign to destroy former President Donald Trump and subvert election integrity.

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The files confirmed that numerous federal agencies, including the FBI, were actively aiding and abetting a leftist cabal of Twitter executives during the 2020 presidential election and during the Brandon regime’s rule.

Those Twitter executives were fired when Elon Musk took over the social media giant, but during the 2020 cycle they and other Twitter workers were meeting weekly to discuss ways to deal with what they considered the Trump problem.

The collusion, censorship and propaganda culminated in Twitter’s ultimate goal of deplatforming a sitting president of the United States, much to the unabashed glee of Twitter leftists and Brandon regime operatives.

The third round of damning files, which investigative journalist Matt Taibbi released in a lengthy and eye-popping Twitter thread, also confirmed that the social media titan focused the entirety of its censorship efforts aimed at conservatives, while giving aid and comfort to the Left.

The newly-released files showed that “Twitter activist employees, without basis, suppressed and censored the President of the United States, @realDonaldTrump in the days before the 2020 election,” wrote Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton. “This is damning evidence of election interference.”


“Unequivocally true,” Musk responded. “The evidence is clear and voluminous.”

Twitter censorship and narrative-shaping reached a boiling point with the infamous laptop from hell and continued to rage through the election and J6 protests. In their stretches to fabricate justifications for the censorship, and ultimately the banning of Trump, Twitter executives turned against their own standards and twisted their own principles.

“English doesn’t even have words for how bad this is,” wrote Human Events senior editor Jack Posobiec, while Rep. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., declared that, “It’s even worse than we thought.”

Referencing former Twitter chieftain Yoel Roth, “meeting with FBI weekly, and his little censorship minions absolutely degraded Twitter into little more than a full-on Democratic Party activist machine, all while lying to the public about its function,” wrote journalist Glenn Greenwald. “This was a massive public fraud and 2020 election interference.”

The collusion between Twitter and the FBI extended to the agency picking and choosing tweets and narratives to censor, suppress or promote, with the results consistently pushing an anti-Trump, pro-Brandon bias.

“They colluded with the FBI to censor the free speech of the American president,” concluded XStrategies senior digital guru Greg Price. “And they laughed about it.”

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