Biden Ignores Questions From Reporters as He Prepares to Leave For Weekend at Delaware Beach House (VIDEO)

The 2020 Election was the largest election steal in US history.  It was a mess.  But with all the theft, not one single complaint came from one party – the Democrats.  In fact, all the Democrats have done is block and attack anyone who brings up election fraud and then play the victim when they get caught. 

Democrats from the beginning have not had one material complaint about the 2020 Election.  This along with their other actions indicates obvious guilt.

We’ve seen Democrats attack any legitimate efforts to uncover 2020 Election fraud.  They’ve blocked doors to counting rooms and forcefully prevented independent observers to see what was going on.

TRENDING: BREAKING: SECOND EXCLUSIVE TRAILER Released for “2000 Mules” — Shows How the 2020 Election Was RIGGED AND STOLEN — VIDEO

They’ve threatened lawsuits against anyone who looks into the corrupted 2020 Election.

BREAKING: Brandon DOJ Steps In – Issues Guidelines Cautioning States Performing Audits of Election Results

They’ve fought in court every effort to look into voting machines and systems.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State, Dominion, and Democrat Senators Beg PA Supreme Court to Stop Investigation of Fulton County Voting Machines

They’ve blocked any mention of Trump winning or election fraud on their far-left Big Media and Big Tech mouthpieces.

Will BIG TECH and BIG MEDIA Be Held Accountable for Colluding with the Democrats In 2020 Election Fraud?

There is only one reason why they have done this.  Anyone with any common sense knows why –

Because the Democrats and their allies are guilty of stealing the 2020 Election. 

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