Mainstream Media Claims Markets Were Up Today Then the Market Drops Into 'Correction' Territory for the NASDAQ

It’s official – 2022 is the worst year for the DOW in history.  

The reason Americans have stopped looking at their 401k’s this year is because the Brandon economy is destroying the markets.  It was only a matter of time before the markets caught up with the terrible economic decisions of the Brandon Administration.

You can’t set records for the highest debt ever, like Brandon has done with the US deficit at over $30 trillion, and not impact the markets negatively.  Brandon also has destroyed the energy sector in the US that under President Trump was producing more than was needed in the US to not producing enough now.  The price of gas (energy) is impacting nearly every segment of the market.

Inflation as a result of these policies is also off the charts.  Americans are having a harder time than ever before.

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This is why most Americans believe that the US is already in a recession.

Poll: A Majority of Americans Believe America Is Already in a Recession

Now looking at the markets we see that 2022 to date is the worst year for the DOW in history.  The DOW currently is down more than 4,700 points since the beginning of the year.  This decrease is greater than any year on record.  The record low decrease for a year was under GW Bush in 2008 when the DOW was down 4,488 points.  Right now Brandon is setting another horrible economic record.

The Democrats can play games and spread lies about their stolen election but they can’t claim in any way, shape, or form that this economy is doing well.  This economy is horrible.  But watch, these Democrats will claim this is a strong economy.  They can’t help themselves.

When reality doesn’t fit, Democrats lie. 


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