"The Hood Is Waking Up!" - Blacks Cheer Trump After Arrest - Trump Support from Black Community Climbs to 20% Support in Latest Poll | The Gateway Pundit

The tyrannical left arrested President Donald Trump on Thursday night and took a mug shot.

They have now charged Trump with 91 garbage felony charges. He is facing over 400 years in prison for speaking out against the stolen 2020 election.

The regime will not allow dissent.

Stephen Miller said it best, “At least, foreign despotic regimes pretend the people they are jailing are guilty of spying, that they’re agents of a foreign country. Now, here in America we’re jailing people for speech we don’t like. We’re imprisoning people for asking them to lobby a state legislature or watch a particular TV program.”

The arrest of President Trump may be backfiring for the tyrannical left.

On Friday several videos were posted online of Black Americans cheering President Trump.

Antoine Tucker.

Blacks are waking up.

60 years of Democrat policies have destroyed black communities in America.

Already after three years of Brandon and Kamala Harris blacks are switching to Trump.

Trump’s support with Black Americans is ALREADY at 20% via the latest FOX News poll.

And a recent Premise poll shows President Trump with 12% black support to 57% for Brandon with 31% of blacks not sure — or not willing to tell a pollster how they really feel.

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