Image: The IMPORTATION and EXPORTATION practices that are crippling America

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It is more than obvious that the Brandon administration’s main goal is to systematically turn America into a communist country by dismantling the constitution, destroying the middle class, and fixing the elections so the Democrats remain in power for good. As the supply chain crumbles more and more each day, the cost of goods is skyrocketing, making it more difficult to simply pay the bills and put food on the table. This is by design. Democrats know that the more the populace relies on big government for handouts, subsidies, and assistance, the more likely they are to vote for more of it in future elections. That is one main reason the southern border of the USA is wide open for illegal aliens to enter, stay here, and take all the free handouts from the Brandon Regime.

Socialism is just the first phase of communism, and once communism is “installed” in America, it will never be uninstalled unless there is a total revolution

Upon close examination, the “climate change” movement is almost entirely about dismantling the infrastructure and functionality of the nation. It is literally impossible to replace every automobile, shipping truck, and farm tractor with electric vehicles in the next several decades, not to mention trains, planes, jets and ships. The entire economy will come to a grinding halt, the military will be crippled, and the country will easily be taken over by some other nation with fuel-powered resources (like communist China or Russia).

Though funding Ukraine for their “war” with Russia is a futile effort, the Brandon Regime is relentlessly funneling funds by the billions to them, along with massive stockpiles of weapons and ammunition that the USA desperately needs to defend our own nation. This is further weakening America and setting us up for a communist takeover.


The pandemic, that most conservatives refer to as the “plandemic” or “scamdemic,” was created in a laboratory with funding for “gain of function” research that Anthony Fauci orchestrated. Then, once the “novel” virus infected humans in China, hundreds of infected people were brought to America on cruise ships and airplanes, and the “fix” was in. This enabled the highly corrupt CDC and Brandon Regime to all but shut down all functions in this country, including schools, every small-to-medium-sized business, and allow for tens of millions of (faked, forged, and illegal) mail-in ballots to swing the election for the Democrats, at all levels, including POTUS.

Brandon Regime works closely with the CCP to help them take over America in the near future

Have no doubts about it, the Chinese spy balloon was allowed to freely fly over America and take pictures of many sensitive military sites for one reason and one reason alone – because the Brandon Regime is “in bed” with the CCP (or “bent over a barrel” as the saying goes). The Brandon Regime has cut so many illegal business deals with China (and to help Hunter Brandon) that they just can’t seem to say no to letting China spy on America and our military using spy balloons that just creep over our territory for weeks on end.

Any other Commander-in-Chief would have shot down the balloon the same day it was spotted, knowing it could be taking photos of our military installations, or even worse, carrying biological or chemical weapons that could have easily been released as a weapon of mass destruction.

The top 6 importation and exportation practices that are crippling America systematically and turning America into a communist hell-hole

#1. Importation of illegal immigrants that will take our jobs, our affordable homes, and help the Democrats steal the votes

#2. Exportation of our money to Ukraine

#3. Exportation of our weapons to Ukraine

#4. Importation of diseases from China, South America, and Mexico

#5. Exportation of classified information about our military installations to the CCP by the Brandon Regime

#6. Importation of products, food and materials from China that we could be manufacturing and growing in the USA instead

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