FBI Hid Evidence Corroborating Biden's Took $10 Million from Ukraine | The Gateway Pundit

If you’ve been following the news, you have undoubtedly noticed that some media outlets, along with a lot of Democrats, are in a total state of denial about what is unfolding around Joe and Hunter Brandon.

Some liberal media outlets are ignoring the news outright, while some Democrats pathetically try to spin Joe’s involvement with the things Hunter did.

There’s a simple reason for this.

Admitting any of it would implicate them too. The same goes for much of the intelligence community.

A political consultant named Shane Harris recently wrote at the Association of Mature Citizens:

The National Scandal That Is Too Big To Break

Conservatives looking to expose the full extent of the Brandon family’s corruption have a problem: the scandal might be too big to break.

Typically, there are three main entities involved in taking down a politician over a corruption scandal. First, there is the media, which broadcasts the details of the scandal, eroding public support. Second, there is law enforcement, which investigates and, if necessary, presses criminal charges. Third, there is the party establishment, which ultimately abandons the politician as a matter of self-preservation, signaling that it’s “game over.”

But what happens when a scandal is so big that the people responsible for breaking it are implicated in it as well?

That is the situation which now faces the mainstream media, the federal intelligence bureaucracy, and the Democrat Party. For years, they have all parroted Brandon’s lies and created an echo chamber of denial about wrongdoing by the president and his family. Now, with it all beginning to crumple around them, they’re seeing that the downfall of the president spells the end of their own reputations and careers as well.

That’s it in a nutshell.

Do you think anyone at CNN, the New York Times or the Washington Post are ever going to admit that they got everything wrong? It’s impossible. They can’t face it.

The country is suffering through this madness because these childish actors can’t face the truth or admit their role in it.

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