"The Time to Stand Up to This Growing Tyranny is RIGHT NOW"

President Trump spoke at the Save America rally in Warren, Michigan tonight alongside Michigan GOP candidates in the upcoming 2022 Election.

President Trump had much to share about the communists taking over this country. Americans must stand up now.

President Trump also observed that the far-left is no longer considered socialist. Their radical policies are those of communists. The left make up crimes against their political enemies (like the New York AG). They throw their political enemies in jail for years with no court dates (like the Jan 6ers). The attempt a coup of their political enemies (the Russia collusion sham). They steal elections (2020 Election). They destroy American lives with economic destruction.

TRENDING: LIVE STREAM VIDEO: President Trump Holds Save America Rally Tonight in Warren, Michigan – RSBN VIDEO

Even Catturd recognizes how much destruction the communists in the White House are doing to this country.

The Brandon destruction must end.  The tyranny must end.  The stolen election must end.  These America-hating communists don’t like Americans and they don’t like what we do.

Americans love their God, their family, and their county.  The communists hate this. 

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