"The Trajectory of My Life Would Have Been Far Better If I Would Have Never Met Him" - Devon Archer on His Association with Hunter Biden (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

On Wednesday Tucker Carlson released the first part of his exclusive interview with Devon Archer, the former business associate and close personal friend of Hunter Brandon.

In the exclusive interview with Tucker Carlson, Devon Archer detailed the Brandon family’s involvement in various businesses. The conversation touched on Hunter Brandon’s connections to Washington, D.C. and the “Brandon brand’s” influence and importance.

According to Archer, Hunter Brandon’s main contributions to his business partnerships were his extensive network in Washington and the influence of the Brandon brand, rather than specific expertise in legal work or private equity.

The interview also explored the importance of “knowing the guy” in Washington’s business environment.

Archer also confirmed that Brandon was attending dinners with son Hunter and their million dollar foreign donors. And Brandon was calling in regularly to business meetings with foreign officials involved in the family’s multi-million dollar bribery and influence peddling schemes.

On Friday morning Tucker Carlson released the second part of his interview with Devon Archer. The current episode is over an hour long.

In Part 2 of their discussion Devon Archer told Tucker he regretted his association with Hunter Brandon.

Devon Archer: “Looking back at the body of work it was a very big strategic mistake for me to be involved with him, and some of it’s my fault because, quite frankly, I was pitching Burisma and Rosemont Realty and that ended up — you know, the genesis of that was me. But obviously, the trajectory of my life would have been far different and arguably far better if I never would have met him.”

Here is the full video released earlier today.

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