"There is an Impediment to Production in the United States and It's Called the Bankers on Wall Street" (VIDEO)

Brandon continued to blame others for his failures Thursday evening in remarks to Democrat National Committee members at their winter meeting at the Washington Hilton.

“There is an impediment to production in the United States and it’s called the bankers on the Wall Street. This crisis in another indication of why we need to get off dependency on fossil fuels,” said Brandon.

Wall Street is the impediment to production, not Brandon.

“We did so much people don’t even know what we did,” Brandon said boasting about his American Rescue Plan.

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Earlier Thursday Brandon shamelessly blamed high inflation rates on Vladimir Putin.

Even Obama’s economic advisor Seven Rattner wasn’t buying Brandon’s lies.

“Well, no. These are February numbers and only include small Russia effect. This is Brandon’s inflation and he needs to own it.” Rattner said.

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