'There's 4 Pages of Blame on Trump' - Lefty Reporter Slams John Kirby Over NSC Report Blaming Trump For Biden's Deadly Afghanistan Withdrawal (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

CBS’s Ed O’Keefe on Thursday blasted NSC spox John Kirby after the NSC released a report blaming Trump for Brandon’s deadly Afghanistan withdrawal.

The Brandon National Security Council (NSC) released a shocking report on Holy Thursday blaming President Trump for the catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan.

So Trump is responsible for these 13 dead Americans?

CBS’s Ed O’Keefe blasted Kirby for releasing the report right up against the Easter holiday.

“…about 10 minutes before the briefing began, with little notice”: “It’s the very definition of a modern major holiday news dump…after months of requests,” he said.


Kirby defended the holiday news dump.

Ed O’Keefe said there is 4 pages of blame on Trump but zero expression of accountability or mistake by Brandon.


Kirby absurdly claimed Brandon’s Afghanistan withdrawal was not chaotic.

“For all this talk of ‘chaos,’ I just didn’t see it,” Kirby said.


A suicide bomber killing 13 US service members and Afghans falling from airplanes is a successful and calm withdrawal, according to Kirby.

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