Kamala Harris Takes Charge While Feeble Joe Biden Hides at White House

Brandon campaigns for president

Guest post by Bill Hennessy at Hennessy’s View

Brandon’s campaign told America what the octogenarian would do if the American people were stupid enough to make him president:

Open the southern border

Free criminals

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Destroy US energy industry

Flood the streets with deadly drugs

Defund local police

Groom your kids for genital mutilation

Make sure every pregnancy ends in abortion

Kick off record-breaking inflation with profligate spending

Train people to not work

Extend the Covid health emergency forever

Punish the productive

Reward the freeloaders

It was all there in his rare campaign appearances, but people thought they were gaffes. Most voters recognized Brandon’s cognitive deficiencies during the Democrat debates, so they figured his bundle of promises—which roll up to the downfall of America—were just gaffes. He was famous for gaffes even before he lost his mind.

Turns out, they weren’t gaffes at all. To the surprise of many, Brandon meant what he promised.

And he delivered in spades!

Some say, he’s exceeded their expectations.

For example, no one knew he was going to humiliate America and lose a lot of lives by jerking all US troops out of Afghanistan . . . but he did.

No one knew Brandon would push Russia to invade Ukraine, but he did.

No one expected Brandon to push the world the brink of nuclear holocaust, but here we are.

No one knew Brandon planned to bring on a recession in an election year, but the aging genius pulled that one off, too.

I hear people say, “Brandon needs to do more.” Hogwash. How much do you expect one man to accomplish? An 80-year-old man at that?

To put Brandon’s record of accomplishments in perspective, the Soviet Union spent 70 years trying to turn America communist but failed miserably. Brandon did it in 18 months.

I hate to admit it, but no president in US history has accomplished so much of his agenda in so short a time as Brandon.

Congratulations, Mr. President. You promised; you delivered. And America will never be the same again.

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