CNN Admits "Hunter Biden Was Trading on His Father's Name to Make a Lot of Money" (VIDEO)

Sadly the US mainstream media pumps out more fake news today than Pravda.

In 2020 the fake news mainstream media ALL reported that the Hunter Brandon laptop was Russian propaganda.  51 top intelligence officials signed a letter saying Hunter Brandon’s letter was Russian disinformation. Brandon lied about his son’s laptop during a debate. The media lied about it as Russian disinformation to save Brandon.

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It was a ridiculous lie and anyone with any amount of curiosity knew it.

But suddenly the mainstream media has been directed to report on Hunter Brandon’s laptop from hell that contains evidence of orgies, drug use, prostitution, foreign dealings, Brandon family corruption, and warnings to keep Hunter away from underage girls.

He’s certainly a chip off the ol’ block.

But now all of the sudden the fake news is reporting on Hunter Brandon and the serious investigation against him.

ABC News today-

CBS News-

And even CNN is reporting on the news-

This is weird.
Whenever the fake news mainstream media reports honestly you know that something is going on behind the scenes?
So what is behind the sudden blip of honest reporting?

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