This Takes Our Eyes Away from the "Main Event Which Is the Rise of Global Authoritarianism and the Stripping Away of Protected Civil Liberties" - Michele Bachmann on the Russia

Michele Bachman, the former US Representative from Minnesota, shared her thoughts on the current situation with Russia and more. 

Michele Bachmann, the former US Representative from Minnesota is now the Dean of the Robertson School of Government at Regent University.  She joined The Joe Hoft Show today at Real Talk 93.3 in St. Louis.

Ms. Bachmann shared numerous points.  Here are some of her most profound remarks during the interview.

For me this whole thing [the Russia-Ukraine crisis] smells utterly phony.  It has a complete phoniness about it…It isn’t something that necessarily impacts US interests…

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…My feeling initially is that this seems like an effort to distract the United States…because wars are extremely expensive. They’re exhausting and they’re extremely expensive.  And it looks like this is an effort to pull money and time and resources and our eyeballs to focus on Russia and Ukraine  .  I don’t think that’s the main event.  I think this is a distraction for us to go in that direction.

I truly think the Brandon Admistration is evil.  The people who are calling the shots are evil.  And, if you look, and I’m not the first one to say it.  If you look at the time of the inauguration until now, every move they’ve made has been for the destruction of the United States.  They don’t have any policies that build up the United States.  Their policies have destroyed the United States in almost every way…Why would anyone trust this Administration with anything…

…Why is this such an important thing that we’re supposed to pay attention to?  To me I think one is destraction.  They are trying to keep our eyeballs on this so that we aren’t paying attention to the main event which is the rise of global authoritarianism and the stripping away of protected civil liberties.

Michele Bachmann is so impressive and spot-on in so many ways.  Please listen to her many excellent thoughts and remarks below.


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