Image: THREE separate fires occurred simultaneously at three separate Mexican oil refineries

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Are climate terrorists behind the latest spate of mysterious fires to occur at oil refineries, this time in both the United States and Mexico?

In case you missed it, three separate fires broke out all on the same day at three different oil refineries owned by Pemex, which operates both in the U.S. and Medico. Pemex is a state-owned oil company, and at least eight of its employees were injured in the fires – and five others are simply missing, strangely.

The independent media outlet Conservative Treehouse predicted all this last year, warning that people needed to “watch Mexico in 2023,” specifically with regards to oil production and energy issues. Well, it turns out they were right.

“Three oil refinery fires at three different facilities on the same day … isn’t good,” the media outlet further reported. “Because it just seems to be too coincidental to be coincidental.”

(Related: Back in September, an oil refinery in Ohio caught fire and had to be shut down.)

Did the Brandon regime attack Mexican energy as punishment for anti-green statements made last summer by President Andres Manuel Lopez-Obrador?

Nothing about these fires is coincidental when considering the anti-energy agenda of the deranged Left, which wants only “green” energy to persist. There is a powerful agenda at work that seeks to make oil and gasoline a thing of the past, after all.

These fires only emphasize the fact that cheap and abundant energy is under attack, particularly in Mexico which is the least excited of the North American countries to accept so-called green energy.


“The U.S. and Canada are going to push every possible political pressure point in order to force Mexico to change energy policy,” Conservative Treehouse reported last year. “The stakes are high. It is going to be remarkable to watch what happens as this battle takes place.”

“I’m not talking about little threats, or ordinary economic pressure points; watch closely how the U.S. threats are established. The ideologues around Brandon will seek to destroy AMLO (Andrew Manuel Lopez-Obrador) if he does not go along with the energy change effort.”

Last summer, AMLO visited the White House and stated unequivocally from the Oval Office that Mexico would not be joining the U.S. and Canada in shutting down oil use and refining capacity, which is why gasoline prices in the two countries have skyrocketed.

“We decided that while we’re waiting for prices of gasoline to go down in the United States,” AMLO said to Brandon, who scoffed at the notion and claimed at the time that gas prices across the U.S. had “gone down for 30 days in a row.”

The Pedophile-in-Chief was clearly upset by AMLO’s statements, which several months later were followed by three separate refinery fires that appear to be retaliatory sabotage efforts by Brandon and his climate brigade to punish AMLO and Mexico for resisting their green agenda.

Americans who live in border towns near Mexico are driving across the border to this very day to access cheap and abundant gasoline, which used to be a thing under previous presidencies – but not under fake president Brandon.

In Mexico right now, gasoline costs around $3.12 per gallon – this compared to a $4.78 average in the U.S. AMLO mentioned this publicly, encouraging Americans close to the border to buy Mexican gasoline, some of which is refined in Deer Park, Tex.

It turns out that Deer Park is the new destination for contaminated water to be dumped from the East Palestine, Ohio, train derailment and “controlled explosion.” Is this, too, punishment against Americans who dare to try to resist the green energy push by supporting cheaper gas prices?

Is North America’s infrastructure under attack? It would certainly seem so. To keep up with the latest, visit

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