"To Put a P*dophile Apologist on Supreme Court, It Makes My Blood Boil"

Brandon SCOTUS nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson has an extensive record of being lenient toward child sex crime offenders. Ketanji also holds the distinction of defending America-hating Gitmo Gitmo terrorists for free.

There’s something wrong with this woman. For some reason Brandon thought she would be a good fit for the US Supreme Court. That’s how sick the Democrat Party is today.

On Tuesday Attorney Mike Davis from the Article III Project described how Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson beat out two other black female judges to be selected for the Supreme Court. Neither of the other two, Judge Michelle Childs and Judge Leondra Kruger, were pedophile apologists. Only Ketanji Jackson held this clear distinction over the other two finalists. The Brandon regime must have seen this as a plus.

Arizona Senate Candidate Blake Masters joined Steve Bannon on The War Room on Tuesday.  Blake did not hold back in attacking Mark Kelly for supporting this outrageous Supreme Court pick.

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Blake Masters:  He’s taken a lot of bad votes.  He’ll do whatever Chuck Schumer tells him to.  This guy is a rubber stamp for the Brandon open borders, inflation agenda.   But of all the bad votes Mark Kelly has taken I think this is the worst.  Right?  This one is going to be with us for a long time.  This is serious, a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court.  I’m going to beat Mark Kelly in November.  He won’t be a senator next year.  But this vote, this disastrous vote will be his legacy.  To put a pedophile apologist on the Supreme Court, it makes my blood boil…    He puts this pedophile apologist on the Supreme Court and then he pretends to be moderate… This is what they all think now.  They think that pedophilia should be normalized.  They think it’s OK.    They think our laws come down too hard on these people… He’s pretending to be moderate.  It’s disgusting.  I think he’s a liar.

Blake put into words what all of us are thinking.

Bravo, future Senator Masters!

** You can donate to Blake Masters’ campaign here.

Via The War Room:

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