Image: To the horror of Leftists, Biden just admitted that abortion involves the death of a “child”

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Fake “president” Brandon is known for his gaffes, but his most recent one about abortion was a truthful admission that the victim is a child, not a fetus.

In a statement to the press about the possible reversal of Roe v. Wade, Brandon said the following:

“So, the idea that we’re going to make a judgment that is going to say that no one can make the judgment to choose to abort a child based on a decision by the Supreme Court … goes way overboard.”

Notice that Brandon called an unborn baby a child as opposed to a clump of cells, which is how leftists typically referred to unwanted humans still inside the womb.

“How tragic to see a man, who for decades in the Senate stood against tax funding for abortion, so completely sell out to Big Abortion,” tweeted the Susan B. Anthony List, along with a video of Brandon’s statement – see below:

“Brandon slipped up today, acknowledging that abortion kills children: ‘… choose to abort a child,’” the group added in another tweet.

Brandon says overturning Roe v. Wade threatens to eliminate “the right to marry”

Apparently unaware of what he had just said – this is a common occurrence for him – Brandon went on to oppose the potential Supreme Court reversal of the 1973 abortion law, calling it “radical” and warning that it could threaten a “whole range of rights.”

Keep in mind that Brandon claims to be a Roman Catholic, a religion that strictly opposes baby murder.

“Why hasn’t the Catholic Church excommunicated [Brandon] yet?” asked someone on Twitter.


It is a valid question, seeing as how Brandon has now adopted all of the Left’s talking points in support of baby murder, calling it “the right to choose.” Meanwhile, Brandon opposes the right to choose not to get “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

Brandon went on in his rant to the media to claim that “other basic rights” are also at stake, should Roe v. Wade gets overturned, one of them being “the right to marry.”

“Whether you decided to conceive a child or not … how you raise your child … basically … all of the decisions of your private life” would get stamped out, Brandon claims concerning the potential Supreme Court move.

In the comment section at LifeSiteNews, one reader told a very sad story about how “the right to choose,” meaning the adult’s right to choose versus the child’s right to choose, caused her to suffer extreme child abuse.

“When I was twelve the non-abusive parent went to court and fought for custody,” this person wrote. “When the judge read his decision to place me back in the home with the abusive parent, I pleaded with him to reconsider his decision. His response was, ‘The adult has the rights, not the child.’”

“Two weeks later the abusive parent beat me unconscious, causing a concussion … I can’t say how I feel about Brandon and the Democrats (other than) their utter cruelty toward babies in the womb and children after they are born is so evil, so vile, that no words can really define their inhumanity.”

Another wrote that it is a travesty that many bishops in the Catholic church have sat idly by and done nothing to even try to correct Catholic politicians like Brandon.

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