Image: Trump planning to run again in 2024; releases campaign ad promoting his America First domestic energy platform

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In his latest campaign advertisement, Donald Trump, who is once again running for president in 2024, detailed his plans for “reclaiming American energy dominance.”

Trump is promising to build “power plants, pipelines, grids, ports, refineries, and shipping terminals of tomorrow” if he gets reelected. If Americans give him another chance, Trump has pledged to “bring back a pro-American energy policy at long last.”

After previously withdrawing the United States from the Paris Climate Accords, Trump’s efforts to fortify America’s energy independence were foiled by fake president Brandon, who has undone much of Trump’s policies. Trump is promising to reinstate those same policies in 2024 if he is selected to reoccupy the Oval Office.

In usual Trump form, the campaign ad talks about Trump’s plans to instate his energy agenda “rapidly” after winning in 2024. Only those domestic energy projects that are “worthy” of support will be on Trump’s docket for his potential third term.

“I will deploy a team of warrior lawyers to hunt down every unnecessary regulation in the federal registry that hampers domestic production and we will wipe them off the books,” Trump says in the ad.

“We will again get out of Paris and we will rapidly issue approvals for all worthy energy infrastructure projects with a focus on maximum speed to bring prices down rapidly. So get those proposals ready now, because we are going to put thousands of Americans to work, building the power plants, pipelines, grids, ports, refineries and shipping terminals of tomorrow.”


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Trump shifts focus to younger Americans; says they will “help restore hope and aspiration”

Recognizing that the Left has already largely won the younger generation with its “green” energy propaganda, Trump is attempting this time around to appeal more to younger voters whom he believes are the future of domestic energy independence.

“Instead of being irrationally terrified by political predictions of climate apocalypse, instead of toiling for low wages or left-wing make-work projects, I have a vision that will give young Americans a chance to find real meaning in work once again … building the backbone of America that is powerful, prosperous, productive, vigorous, modern, independent, and free,” Trump now says.

“Nobody has more liquid gold under their feet than the United States of America, and we will use it and profit by it and live with it, and we will be rich again, and we will be happy again and will be proud again.”

Brandon’s energy and climate agendas have done nothing but rob the country of its energy independence while enslaving the populace with lower supply, inflated costs, and massive tax increases, all of which Trump says he wants to reverse.

Trump is particularly incensed about Brandon’s shutdown of the Keystone XL pipeline, which he says is “so unfair to the United States” while being “good for other countries” and “bad for us.”

“He put up huge road blocks to new oil, gas, and coal production and much, much more,” Trump says. “In effect, Brandon’s anti-American energy crusade is a massive tax hike on everything. Higher energy costs raise the price of food, raw materials, shipping, transportation, construction, manufacturing, and everything else.”

The biggest beneficiary of Brandon’s energy and climate policies is communist China, Trump claims, adding that the high energy prices we are now seeing across the country “are a gift to China.”

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