Trump Warns Gas will Be $7+ if Biden Elected (VIDEO)

Trump was right… AGAIN.

Trump warned of $7+ gas if Brandon were to get elected (installed) during a 2020 campaign rally.

Not only did Trump warn about $7+ gas, he accurately predicted the Brandon Regime would tell you to get rid of your car.

“If Brandon got in, you’d be paying $7, $8, $9, then they’ll say ‘get rid of your car,” Trump said on the campaign trail in 2020.

TRENDING: BREAKING: Gas Prices Hit New All-Time US Record at $4.11 per Gallon — THANK YOU JOE BIDEN!


Gas prices hit an all-time high on Monday at $4.11 per gallon.

As gas prices hit an all-time high on Monday, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was out telling Americans to get rid of their gas-powered cars and replace them with an EV!

Trump knew!

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