Tucker Blasts "Mad Money" Host Jim Cramer For Sudden "Strong Economy" Propaganda

CNBC’s Jim Kramer bizarrely touted the current state of the US economy as “the strongest economy” he has ever seen.

This claim was made despite high inflation and high gas prices.

It just happened to come after the Brandon Administration met with news outlets about their economic coverage.

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Tucker Carlson responded to this on his Fox News show.

Tucker played a clip of Jim Kramer from 2008 telling Americans not to take money out of Bear Sterns.

This was a few days before it collapsed.

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Tucker continued to blast Kramer.

“In a normal country, with a functioning meritocracy, anyone who said something like that would no longer be touting stocks on TV. He’d be cleaning your pool, assuming he could muster the skills to do that. Yet there he is, the same man still televised, a living testimony to our leaders suicidal tendency to award failure.”


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