Tucker Carlson Provides a High-Level List of Political Arrests by the Biden Administration

Tucker Carlson last night went through a list of political arrests by the Brandon Administration.  This inventory is not comprehensive (i.e. every American arrested for Jan 6 is a political arrest – they all had a right to protest) but it was an excellent effort to bring this fact to the masses. 

In last night’s opening from Brazil, Tucker Carlson provided a list of some of the political arrests made by the corrupt Brandon Administration.  Many times since Brandon came into office it looks like America is run by the Stasi or Nazi SS from World War II.  Tucker highlighted this last night.

Tucker listed a number of innocent people targeted by Brandon and made some excellent observations along the way.

Tucker shared how the Jan 6 Committee hearings are a show trial and no airwaves will change their efforts to air the show trials even after Tuesday’s debacle.  The message that the show trail leaves is that:

TRENDING: Dr. Zev Zelenko Who Saved Thousands of Lives During the COVID Pandemic Is in Critical Condition – Transferred to ICU

It’s absurdity is the point.  The absurdity of it and the hollowness of it sends the message.  We run the Justice system now.  You are powerless.  And that is the same message the Brandon Administration has sent to Americans the last year and a half.

Next Tucker provided a partial list of Brandon’s political attacks using the injustice system.

For a composite list of Americans and political dissidents of the Brandon regime from Jan 6 please see American Gulag where the current status of these individuals is maintained.


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