Twitter Suspends Christian Conservative Rapper Bryson Gray

Christian conservative rapper Bryson Gray has been suspended from Twitter.

Gray who is best known for his smash hit, “Let’s Go Brandon,” announced on Truth Social he was permanently suspended from Twitter.

Gray was quoted saying “I was just permanently suspended on Twitter without a clear explanation. So much for free speech.”

Twitter has yet to explain what triggered Bryson’s ban but a screenshot of Bryson’s ban reveals he was suspended  for “hateful content.”


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Gray would later write in a Truth Social message he believes he was permanently suspended for calling Elton John gay.

Some speculate, however, Gray’s suspension is a result as a mistake by Twitter’s new bot purging methods.

Yesterday Elon tweeted, “The bots are in for a surprise tomorrow.”

That logic, however, seems more and more inaccurate since it has been more than 48 hours since Gray’s suspension took place and Twitter has yet to address it.

Gray is no stranger to being canceled for exercising his free speech.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported Gray’s  hit song “Let’s Go Brandon” was banned from YouTube.

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