Two Years Ago Today Joe Biden Was Inaugurated President, Here Are the Results

Elections Have Consequences, Stolen Elections Have Catastrophic Consequences.
– Steve Bannon

The Brandon inauguration – No one came

Two years ago today the coup was completed. Brandon was inaugurated President of the United States. And the era of prosperity and peace officially ended.

Oh, what a difference a stolen election makes.

Here are Brandon’s results after two years in office:

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** The highest gas prices in US history.

** Record crime on our streets. There were over one million stolen cars in 2022 alone.

** Inflation was out of control at a 40-year high in 2022.

** Open borders – over 5 million illegals.

** Illegal immigration broke all records. Over 5 million illegal aliens have crossed over the open southern border into the United States in Brandon’s first two years in office.

** US surrender in Afghanistan and arming enemy Taliban with $80 billion in US weapons.

** Abandoning THOUSANDS of US citizens and green card holders to the Taliban.

** And the US stock market had its worst year since 2008.

** And as Steve Bannon reported, “If you add Bond losses to Stock/Equity losses total over $10 Trillion… the worse losses since 1871… repeat 1871.”

** US President as global laughingstock for first time in history.

** Filth and grooming in US classrooms.

And it’s only going to get worse.

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