U.S. is Now Experiencing a Shortage of Tampons

Another monumental moment in the Brandon presidency!

Gas prices are at record highs, stock markets are down, the cost of everything is way up, and parents are having difficulty finding baby formulas. Now, the latest crisis is a nationwide shortage of tampons.

What could be next?

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“The shortages appear to stem from supply constraints around key materials like cotton and plastic, which are also used in personal protective equipment, and have been in high demand from the start of the pandemic. The war in Ukraine has further crimped supply because Russia and Ukraine are both major exporters of fertilizer, which is used to grow cotton. A drought in Texas hasn’t helped, either,” far-left CNN argued.

For some strange reason, Procter & Gamble accused comedian Amy Schumer of a national tampon shortage.

“Retail sales growth has exploded,” a company spokeswoman told Time magazine.

Netizens weighed in on the national tampon shortage.

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