UPDATE on President Trump's Trip to Washington DC -- Another Day of Liberal Tears...

Earlier today The Gateway Pundit reported that President Trump was in Washington DC on a surprise trip!

The video of President Trump landing at Dulles Airport in Washington DC was going viral.

TRENDING: REPORT: President Trump Is In Washington DC on Surprise Trip – Landed at Dulles Air Force Base Last Night — REPORTER WAS TIPPED OFF — WITH VIDEO …UPDATE

There were photos of President Trump arriving at Morristown, New Jersey for this flight to DC.

More from far-left Alternet: YouTuber Andrew Leyden was on his way to catch a glimpse of President Brandon’s scheduled visit to the Pentagon on Sunday evening when he received word from independent aircraft trackers that former President Donald Trump’s private Cessna Citation II jet had taken off from Morristown Municipal Airport in New Jersey and landed at Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia in what appears to be an unannounced trip to the nation’s capital.

Leyden redirected his car to Dulles and recorded Trump’s plane taxiing just after it touched down. A motorcade was waiting for his arrival.

Leyden was TIPPED OFF on President Trump’s flight to Washington.

And Leyden happened to be at the fence when President Trump’s plane arrived.


Now here is our update: TGP spoke with our contacts on the Trump team and were told “President Trump is OK.”

And this morning President Trump posted on Truth Social that he will be working from Trump National Golf Club in Washington, DC today.

Trump National Golf Club Washington DC

We will post any updates as we hear more..

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