US State Dept. Issues Level 4 Travel Advisory, Orders Family Members of Embassy Personnel in Kyiv to Leave Ukraine Due to 'Threat of Military Action'

The US State Department on Sunday evening issued a level 4 travel advisory and ordered Americans in Kyiv to leave Ukraine due to imminent war.

Family members of US Embassy personnel in Kyiv were ordered the leave Ukraine due to ‘threat of military action.’

And… Covid?

“Do not travel to Ukraine due to the increased threats of Russian military action and Covid-19. Exercise increased caution in Ukraine due to crime and civil unrest. Some areas have increased risk.” – the State Department said in an emergency alert.

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“On January 23, 2022, the Department of State authorized the voluntary departure of U.S. direct hire employees (USDH) and ordered the departure of eligible family members (EFM) from Embassy Kyiv due to the continued threat of Russian military action. U.S. citizens in Ukraine should consider departing now using commercial or other privately available transportation options.” the State Department said.

“There are reports Russia is planning significant military action against Ukraine. The security conditions, particularly along Ukraine’s borders, in Russia-occupied Crimea, and in Russia-controlled eastern Ukraine, are unpredictable and can deteriorate with little notice. Demonstrations, which have turned violent at times, regularly occur throughout Ukraine, including in Kyiv.” the Department of State added.

The State Department also ordered US citizens in the Ukraine to begin evacuating by commercial flights.

Meanwhile, Brandon is on vacation at Camp David (where have we seen this before?) after giving Russian President Vladimir Putin the greenlight to invade Ukraine.

“My guess is he will move in, he has to do something,” Brandon said Wednesday when asked about Putin’s military along Ukraine’s border.

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