"Vice President Biden ABSOLUTELY STOLE Government Documents"

Attorney Mike Davis was on the War Room again and he shared the obvious from a legal perspective, “Vice President Brandon absolutely stole government documents.”

Attorney Mike Davis clerked for Justice Gorsuch at one time in his career and worked for Senator Chuck Grassley at another time in his career.  He knows what he’s talking about.

Davis was very clear that President Trump broke no laws by bringing home documents to Mar-a-Lago after the 2020 election.  Trump was president and he had the right to take with him whatever he wanted, whether classified or not.  This is a President’s privilege.

The FBI had no right to raid President Trump’s home and steal his documents and insert fake file folder covers claiming the information on the floor at Mar-a-Lago was fake. Davis shared this months ago.

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Based on the law, Davis says that Brandon stole the documents in his possession that have turned up.

Steve Bannan asked Davis to clarify the word “stole”.  He noted that no one has ever accused President Trump of stealing records.”

Davis replied:

The former Vice President Brandon did not have these same privileges as Vice President as President’s do.  Vice Presidents, like anyone else, cannot take government records.  They can’t take Vice Presidential records when they leave office and they certainly can’t take classified records.

The President can take Presidential records when he leaves office, whether they’re classified or not. No one else can and so that’s the issue.

Vice President Brandon absolutely stole government records.  He absolutely stole classified records when he left office by the mere fact that they are in his possession.  He moved them at least once when he left office, on January 20, 2017.   He moved them again when he moved into the Brandon Penn Office at 101 Constitution Avenue in February of 2018.

He apparently has other stolen records at another location.

Watch entire interview below:


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