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Vice President Kamala Harris insists that she is ready to assume the presidency in case President Brandon can no longer function as chief executive.

She voiced out this readiness during an interview with the Associated Press (AP). The AP interviewer asked the former California senator and state attorney general (AG) if she feels prepared to “step into the role” as president if necessary. The reporter cited the 80-year-old Brandon’s age and other speculations as a basis for the question.

“Well, first of all – I’m answering your hypothetical. But Brandon’s [going to] be fine, right? So that is not [going to] come to fruition,” replied Harris.

“But let us also understand that every vice president … understands that when they take the oath, they must be very clear about the responsibility. They may have to take over the job of being president. I am no different.”

Harris’ interview with AP follows speculation surrounding Brandon’s ability to lead. This speculation, according to the Post Millennial, “has increased in recent months following many gaffes, botched press briefings, and signs that signal Brandon might not be the Democratic nominee for the 2024 presidential election.”

During the Aug. 28 edition of “Human Events Daily with Jack Posobiec,” cartoonist Scott Adams of “Dilbert” fame and podcast host Posobiec said the Brandon administration is showing “little signals” that suggest the incumbent “might be done.”

They pointed out that Brandon is curiously absent during the election cycle, which is not the norm for a running candidate – more so someone seeking reelection. The two also pointed to an instance during Brandon’s visit to the island of Maui in Hawaii, where he appeared to fall asleep during a briefing for the survivors of the Lahaina wildfires.

Haley: Be afraid of Harris presidency

But Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley doesn’t think Harris is fit for the job. The former South Carolina governor warned that a Democratic victory in the 2024 elections is a serious cause of worry for all Americans. She explained why this is the case during her Aug. 27 appearance on the “Sunday Morning Futures” program on Fox News.

Haley told program host Maria Bartiromo that Brandon may not finish the entirety of his second term even if he wins the 2024 elections. This opens the door for Harris to become the chief executive. (Related: Nikki Haley: Prospect of Kamala Harris presidency “sends chills down every American’s spine.”)

“We have to make sure we win this because the thought of Harris being president should send a chill up every American’s spine,” Haley said. “My concern is we cannot have Harris as president. We can’t chance this. We have to make sure that we have a new generational leader that’s going to bring in not only Republicans but … pull back the independents.”

The former ambassador to the United Nations also pointed out that the GOP needs to target suburban women, Hispanic voters and Asian-American voters to accomplish this goal.

This was not the first time the former governor of the Palmetto State voiced out her opposition to the incumbent VP becoming the chief executive. For months, Haley had been insinuating that a vote for Brandon in the 2024 elections means a vote for the former California AG. In July, Haley told former Fox News host Tucker Carlson at the Family Leadership Summit: “We can’t afford a President Harris. I will say that over and over again.”

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Watch this short clip of Vice President Kamala Harris’ interview with the Associated Press.

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