Warmonger Jake Sullivan Who Is Behind Trump-Russia Hoax - Says If War Breaks Out It Will Come at Enormous Human Cost to Ukraine

It has been widely reported that White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan is facing scrutiny for the major role he played in pushing the Trump-Russia hoax.

As a senior foreign policy adviser to Hillary Clinton, Sullivan spearheaded what was known inside her campaign as a “confidential project” to link Trump to the Kremlin through dubious email-server records provided to the agencies, said the sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Recall, Hillary’s campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann was indicted in September for lying to the FBI.

According to the indictment, Sussmann falsely told FBI Counsel James Baker he wasn’t doing work “for any client” when he asked for a meeting with the FBI where he presented bogus evidence the Trump Tower was secretly communicating with Kremlin-tied Alfa Bank.

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Fox News producer Jake Gibson reported in November that Jake Sullivan is mentioned in the indictment of Michael Sussmann.

But Jake Sullivan’s previous involvement in one of the greatest lies in modern-day politics has not prevented him from serving under Brandon or from joining the mainstream media and being treated as a respected foreign policy expert.

On Sunday morning, as the drive for war by the Brandon regime intensifies, Jake Sullivan joined Martha MacCallum on FOX News.

During the discussion, Sullivan admitted a war with Russia in Ukraine will result in “enormous human cost” to the Ukrainians — and strategic costs to Russia.

They don’t seem too worried about the lost Ukrainians if war breaks out? The Ukrainian rubes don’t matter to the warmongers in DC.

Via Midnight Rider.

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