WATCH: Senator John Kennedy Forces the Illinois Secretary State to Make a Brutal Admission After Kennedy Reads Passages from Two Pornographic LGBTQ Books Available to Children | The Gateway Pundit

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Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) is a national treasure, complete with an incisive wit and a dry sense of humor. He has displayed these talents throughout his time in the Senate whether by stumping unqualified Brandon nominees and or in interviews with reporters.

He put his skills to great use again today during a Senate hearing called “Book Bans: Examining How Censorship Limits Liberty and Literature.” This concerned school boards removing pornographic LGBTQ books from libraries.

As the Daily Caller reported, Kennedy read from two of these books, “All Boys Aren’t Blue” and “Gender Queer: A Memoir.” After doing so, he completely stumped the Democratic witnesses at the hearing, including Illinois Secretary of State Alexi Giannoulias and Cameron Samuels, a student who uses “they/them” pronouns and had a placard with the title “Mx. Cameron Samuels.

The most noteworthy exchange happened between Kennedy and Giannoulias, who was forced to make a brutal admission during the senator’s interrogation.

Kennedy opened up by quoting several passages directly from the books, first from “All Boys Aren’t Blue and then Genderqueer.” Be forewarned that the video below contains disturbing content.


Kennedy then asks Giannoulias what he wants to do. “Are you suggesting that only the librarians should decide whether the two books I just referenced should be available to kids?”

As Greg Price notes, Illinois’s new law stops parents from being able to remove them from school libraries.

Giannoulias begins to spin like a top before Kennedy stops him in his tracks and proves concerned parents’ point regarding the “reading material.”

Kennedy: Don’t give me a speech. Tell me what you are saying.

Giannoulias: With all due respect Senator, the words you just spoke are disturbing coming out of your mouth.

Here is what makes this brutal. The Illinois Secretary State in his own words just admits the content in these two pornographic books are disturbing to an adult like him. So why are they not disturbing or inappropriate to underage kids?

Why has the state not reversed course and at least allow parents and school districts to join forces and keep this filth out of libraries? Think about how many young minds have been poisoned after being exposed to the books.

Kennedy did the whole country a grand service today. While one would not expect Giannoulias to learn a thing, the arguments form him and his fellow travelers on “book censorship” just became weaker.

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