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Joy Behar complained Friday on ABC’s “The View” that President Brandon is being treated unfairly in the polls and she also claimed food is affordable.

The far-left millionaire apparently hasn’t been to a grocery store in some time, because if she shared anything in common with most of her audience, the claim would have never been made.

Food is expensive, gas is even more so, home ownership is out of reach for millions of families and they’re being groomed to sacrifice more in the future for the sake of something as nebulous as the climate.

Being insulated from the issues that are plaguing Americans has long fueled some very out-of-touch statements from the ladies of “The View.”

Perhaps none of them were more removed from reality than Behar’s whining about Brandon’s poll numbers.

“The economy is booming, inflation is down, the stock market is doing well,” Behar boasted on Friday. “People are having an easier time putting bread on the table, et cetera.”

Behar then complained Brandon is not getting credit for making Americans’ lives so easy and blamed that on ageism.

“He doesn’t seem to be getting the credit for that, only 41 percent approval,” she said.

Behar then asked her cohosts, “Is it because they think he’s old? Because I don’t see anything else they can point to with him.”

There is plenty there to blame Brandon for when one is not protected from the issues of the commoners.

Surely, Behar hasn’t entered a grocery store in years. If she had, she might have found that it is virtually impossible to stop in for even a handful of items without spending a minimum of $50.

This writer blames Bidenomics for raising the $20 rule to the $100 rule.

Before the alleged influence peddler came into office, I couldn’t leave my home without spending at least $20 on something.

The amount is now $50 to $100 and that isn’t with a full grocery order which can hit up to $300 for people who are raising children.

In any event, putting bread on tables is still expensive in spite of the consumer price index numbers and stock indexes Behar is presumably reading and using to claim victory on behalf of the unpopular Democrat in the White House.

It isn’t clear what poll Behar was citing, but a CNN poll released on Thursday found that Brandon’s approval rating was at 41 percent while 58 percent of Americans said they disapproved of his job performance.

One issue that plagued him was the economy, which people feel anything but bullish about.

A strong 54 percent of Americans who participated in the survey actually said they trusted congressional Republicans on “major issues” compared to Brandon’s 45 percent.

Behar’s out-of-touch complaints show how far removed she is from the issues that most people care about or are directly affected by. While Brandon’s age is an obvious issue, it’s hardly the only issue. Americans are feeling the strains of his policies on the daily.

To quote Democratic Party strategist James Carville, “It’s the economy, stupid.”

The economy is not “booming” nor hospitable for people who don’t get paid boatloads of cash to remain willfully ignorant on daytime TV.

Market index numbers can paint a rosy picture. Actual prices at the checkout counter paint a far less rosy one.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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