We Have A "Cognitively-Challenged President And A Cognitively Hopeless Vice-President" (VIDEO)

Newt Gingrich has identified the real problem facing America.

Behind the foreign policy failures, rising inflation and cratering economy is the fact that American leadership is inept.

He also issued a warning to Americans saying, “This is not a game.”


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From the video: 

Newt Gingrich: “I think first of all you have a real problem because you have a cognitively-challenged President and a cognitively hopeless Vice-President and to have both of those in those positions means that there is no place to turn to for leadership. I think the performance over the last few days by President Brandon was virtually equal to some of Kamala Harris’ performances and I think the country should be very worried. You know this is not a game.”

Tucker Carlson issued a similar warning on his show calling for the 25th amendment to be used on Brandon before it’s too late:

Tucker Carlson: It’s Time to Invoke the 25th Amendment Before Brandon Ignites World War III

When will Democrats invoke the 25th Amendment?

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