"We have Biolabs in Ukraine because We are Making Bioweapons" - Tucker Carlson Interviews Robert Kennedy, Jr. in Latest Tucker on Twitter Episode - Explains Ukraine, Bio-labs and JFK's Assassination (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

On Monday night Tucker Carlson released Episode 16 in his Tucker on Twitter series.

Robert Kennedy, Jr. opened up talking about his request for Secret Service protection. the Brandon Administration has still not provided his campaign with Secret Service protection. Robert says after several requests they have received no response after 100 days! Robert’s father and uncle were both assassinated.

Robert told Tucker that he has received several death threats.

Robert also discussed his stance on the War in Ukraine and his uncle President John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

Robert said the US “has bioweapons in Ukraine because we are making bioweapons.”

This was another excellent interview by Tucker Carlson.
Here is the full video.

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