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Latino voters are fleeing the Democrat party.

MSNBC interviewed two Latino voters who live in Texas about why they switched and are now voting for the Republican party.

Maria Bartes, one of the voters who switched, said it’s because “the Democrat party has changed a lot and I identify more with the Republican party.”

The second voter interviewed said he was concerned with the immigration crisis — and that he doesn’t “feel safe anymore.”

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Julio Vaqueiro, an anchor for Telemundo gave grim news to Democrats about Latinos’ voting patterns in 2022.

Vaqueiro said that Hispanics are unhappy with the state of the economy and that “this can make things very difficult for Democrats” come midterms.

Watch (transcript below):

“Latinos are the largest, the fastest growing group of voters. The numbers are there. Latino voters make up about 1 out of 10 voters. But they are also very unhappy. The pandemic hit them very hard, the economy is hitting them very hard, inflation is hitting.

They are unhappy about the job quality and did you see the main issues Latinos care about they are right there. The economy, job quality. So, this is a concern.

This can make things very difficult for Democrats and also the way Republicans are gaining space in that gap.”

A poll taken of Texas Hispanics found that 61% are “bothered by the direction” of the Democratic Party.

57% want to see tougher border enforcement – something the Brandon administration is failing to do.

The Washington Examiner reported:

Why is this happening? In South Texas, part of it has to do with the border. Recent polling indicated that 57% of Texas Hispanics and 60% of South Texas Hispanics want to see tougher border enforcement. That’s because the small- and medium-sized towns that line Texas’s border with Mexico are in a crisis caused entirely by the neglect of the Brandon administration. President Brandon threw away years of serious diplomacy and essentially put up a “Welcome, the Border is Open” sign when he abandoned his predecessor’s “Remain in Mexico” policy for asylum-seekers. The consequences have been devastating.

The same poll of Texas Hispanics referenced above showed that Hispanics have attitudes that are simply incompatible with those of the Democratic Party today. They are too patriotic, identifying themselves primarily as “American” (43%) and “Texan” (23%) before “Latino or Hispanic” (23%). They still believe in “hard work” as a positive thing, and it is a value they overwhelmingly associate with the Republican Party. Fully 61% of them are “bothered by the direction” of the Democratic Party.

Democrats’ midterm chances are tanking.

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