"We're in a Situation Now Where You Should Have Peace of Mind" (VIDEO)

Brandon on Thursday delivered remarks at Germanna Community College in Culpeper, Virginia on his administration’s efforts to lower health care costs.

Speaking on soaring gas prices and high food prices, Brandon said “We’re in a situation now where you should have peace of mind.”

The annual inflation rate hit 7.5% in January. This is the highest increase in 40 years and much higher than expected.

The experts were expecting a 7.2% increase. They were wrong again.

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But Brandon is telling people who are struggling to make ends meet to “have a peace of mind.”

Brandon also said he doesn’t know why prices for commodities keep rising.

“I don’t know why [prices] keep moving and all that,” Brandon said while promoting his Build Back Broke agenda that died a painful slow death in the senate.


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