What is She Wearing? Jill Biden Goes Shopping with Hunter's Wife

What is she wearing?

Jill Brandon on Sunday was spotted shopping with Hunter Brandon’s wife Melissa Cohen in Kiawah Island Beach.

Dr. Jill’s blue dress looked like it was made for a teenager, not a 71-year-old ‘First Lady.’

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Tacky, tacky, tacky.

The Daily Mail reported:

Jill Brandon hit the shops on Kiawah Island Sunday afternoon with her granddaughter Finnegan Brandon and daughter-in-law Melissa Cohen.

Images of the first lady shopping with Hunter Brandon’s wife and daughter were obtained exclusively by DailyMail.com.

Members of the first family spent about 30 minutes in Freshfields Village, which is a small shopping center on the island off the South Carolina coast.

They spent time in Indigo Books, an independent bookstore; Holly & Brooks, a fashion store; Las Olas, a swimware store; and Tina Stephens, which describes itself as a place for travel-friendly lifestyle wear.

Jill was wearing an off-the-shoulder light blue and white striped dress, Finnegan donned a white dress, and Cohen wore a white jeans and a green T-shirt.

The shopping outing came after Jill joined President Brandon for a bike ride along the beach Sunday morning with Finnegan.

Brandon took selfies with beachgoers and told reporters he was enjoying his vacation from the White House ‘a great deal’ but wouldn’t comment on any news of the day.

The Bidens are vacationing at a $20 million beach front property in South Carolina while Americans suffer from high inflation rates.

The US is in a recession because of Brandon’s policies.

Meanwhile Jill Brandon didn’t have a care in the world as she leisurely shopped with her family.

According to the New York Post, the Bidens are staying at a home of a Democrat donor ‘for free.

The Democrat donor, Maria Allwin, is the widow of a prominent hedge fund founder.

Maria Allwin has previously donated to Brandon and her most recent donation went to Trump hater Liz Cheney, The Post reported.

Photos courtesy of The Daily Mail

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