What’s Really Going On? Georgia Governor Candidates Brian Kemp and Stacey Abrams Both Increased Their Net Worth in the Millions While 2020 Election Was Stolen

We knew Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp was corrupt.  We could smell it. 

It was reported today and shared in a Trump Statement that Georgia’s corrupt governor Brian Kemp’s net worth grew by $3 million since coming into office.  But this might be half the story.

We know about the Democrat governor pick Stacey Abrams who suddenly has millions in her pocket after being involved in the hiring of the poll workers in key states after the 2020 Election.

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But we also suspected that Governor Kemp made money too using his position as governor in Georgia.  Before the 2018 Election Kemp criticized Stacey Abrams for her poor portfolio but Kemp was not doing much better.  Kemp had debt problems of his own.

NBC affiliate WSAV out of Atlanta reported in 2018:

Secretary of State and GOP nominee for governor, Brian Kemp, continues this week sending out releases about his challenger’s debts — but he’s facing a financial feud of his own, with allegations that one of his companies defaulted on a major loan for which he was a personal guarantor.  Kemp has gradually divested in the company, but is named on the suit and was a hot topic in court.

A judge playing referee as two attorneys battle in court saying, “I don’t need help from him or anyone else and I didn’t interrupt him or anyone else when he was making the absurd argument.”

Attorneys arguing whether a suit regarding an unpaid half million dollar agribusiness loan involving Secretary Brian Kemp should be settled by a judge or go to trial.

Patrick O’Brien, Attorney for RLP Investments, said, “They borrowed half a million dollars and didn’t pay it and don’t want to pay it. The jury would be scratching their head”

Kemp’s attorney,  Chuck Connerly, requesting a jury trial down the road and alleging that while Kemp’s -company took the loan; Kemp owning at one point a quarter share. Kemp was only a personal guarantor.  And because the loan is past due and the lender gave an extension on paying it that Kemp doesn’t owe anything.

Now both Kemp and Abrams are millions of dollars better off than they were in 2018 and their state’s 2020 results were stolen for senile Brandon.  Georgia needs better leadership. 

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