"Where Am I Going?" Idiot Joe Biden Gets Lost After Remarks at FEMA Headquarters (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Brandon on Thursday delivered remarks on Hurricane Idalia while visiting FEMA’s headquarters.

Hurricane Idalia hit Florida’s west coast this week as a Category 3 storm before moving into Georgia and the Carolinas.

Brandon’s handlers forced him to appear in public today to deliver remarks on the federal government’s efforts to help victims of the latest hurricane.

Brandon originally had no public events scheduled for the day, but after the backlash he received for ignoring the rising death toll from the Maui fires, he shuffled around the FEMA headquarters pretending to care.

Brandon said he would visit Florida on Saturday. Poor Joe had to interrupt his beach vacation this weekend to survey the damage from Hurricane Idalia.

“We’re not this engaged this often, but this past couple years with climate change really kicking in, you guys are going 24 hours a day!” Brandon said before lashing out at ‘climate deniers.’

“There are still some deniers out there in terms of whether or not climate change had anything to do with any of this, and we’re gonna need a whole hell of a lot more money!” Brandon said.

After mumbling through remarks at the FEMA headquarters, Brandon got lost.

Where am I going now?” Brandon mumbled to his handlers.

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