White House Press Secretary Deflects After Peter Doocy Presses Her on Chinese Money Going to the Biden Crime Family (VIDEO)

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was caught lying Wednesday when Fox News’s Peter Doocy asked a question about Chinese payments going to the Brandon Crime Family.

As the Gateway Pundit has previously reported, members of the Brandon family received $1 million in 2017 after an associate received $3 million from China.

The House Oversight Committee also revealed last week that Hallie Brandon, widow of Beau Brandon, got in on the China cash the family was making.

Furthermore, James Comer revealed there may be as many as 11 more Brandon family deals with China.

Doocy queried Jean-Pierre about the House Oversight memo proving that Brandon family members got rich off Red China money and asked what was the purpose of the payment.

She responded by calling the documented proof “lies and inaccuracies.”


Doocy: “House Oversight has bank records showing a Chinese energy company paying three Brandon family members… What were they paid for?”

Jean-Pierre: “I don’t even know where to begin to answer that question because it’s been lies and inaccuracies for the past few years.

That is called deflection.

Brandon pulled the same stunt last Friday as he was departing the White House for another Delaware vacation.

The walls are closing in on the Brandon Crime Family and the regime is panicking.

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