White House Spox Confirms Joe Biden is Moving Forward with Plans to End Fossil Fuel Despite Soaring Gas Prices (VIDEO)

Brandon’s White House Press Secretary got caught in a Freudian slip when she shared all Brandon has done to address gas prices. 

Brandon’ Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre addressed Brandon’s efforts to date related to the price of gas across the nation.   She accidentally shared the truth.

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Seemingly daily, gas prices have risen to new highs since Brandon took over and destroyed the country’s energy independence created by President Trump.

Bidenomics: Gas Prices Hit ANOTHER All-Time High on Monday at $5.014/Gallon — 33rd All-Time Record in the Last 35 Days and STILL CLIMBING

Brandon has said he is doing this intentionally.  This is no mistake.

White House Spox Confirms Brandon is Moving Forward with Plans to End Fossil Fuel Despite Soaring Gas Prices (VIDEO)

Brandon claims that by decreasing US oil output, gas prices will increase and Americans will stop driving gas-guzzling cars.  This is beyond ignorant.  Americans have to get to their jobs and are used to traveling freely.

What Brandon doesn’t address is that Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Russia, Iran and other Middle East nations are making record profits in the billions with these high gas prices.  Brandon would be more believable if he said he was getting paid to keep the gas prices high and shut down US production.

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