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White House pushed obvious foreign lies about “Disinformation Dozen” to prevent deadly truth about COVID “vaccines” from spreading on social media

The latest Facebook Files drop from Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Oh.) shows that the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) fabricated statistics for its so-called “disinformation dozen” list bearing the names of the world’s most prominent vaccine skeptics.

The CCDH, a United Kingdom-based, government-linked “dark money” non-profit organization operated by the far-left British Labour Party, falsely claims that 2024 presidential contender Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and 11 other people are responsible for 65 percent of all “anti-vaccine content circulating on social media.”

Numerous Facebook employees have challenged this claim from the CCDH, which is run by a man named Imran Ahmed. Those on the inside who understand the social media platform’s inner workings say that “vaccine hesitancy” is an organic phenomenon driven by everyday Americans expressing legitimate concerns, and is not a product of the “disinformation dozen.”

Even if the “disinformation dozen” were responsible for 65 percent of all anti-vaccine content online, it would still not qualify as “misinformation” under Facebook’s policies.

“There is an underlying assumption that all of these entities are bad (and some of them are, I’m sure) but even some of the 38 Disinfo Dozen entities were completely benign,” reads an email from Facebook employees about the matter.

“To really push farther than what we have already done would likely be out of the misinfo realm, since vaccine hesitancy is often or mostly not misinfo.”

In other words, what Facebook is saying here is that the CCDH with Ahmed at its head is engaged in a witch hunt against free speech that even Facebook itself cannot support because its own policies do not restrict the kind of “vaccine hesitancy” speech that the non-profit group wants to see eliminated.

(Related: In private, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg openly admitted that mRNA COVID jabs “basically modify people’s DNA and RNA.” Publicly, though, Zuckerberg censored doctors and scientists for trying to share this important truth.)

Brandon White House repeats CCDH lie that 65 percent of jab misinformation comes from Disinfo Dozen

Even so, the Brandon regime had adopted the CCDH statistics as its own, and has even been trumpeting the same 65 percent lie that Facebook likewise agrees is disinformation in and of itself.

Facebook employees were getting so tired of Brandon’s interference on the matter that they actually started drafting a memorandum to CEO Mark Zuckerberg to inform him about the relentless “pressure from … the White House” to remove the Disinfo Dozen from its platform, even though they did “not believe we currently have a clear path for removal.”

“These ‘disinformation dozen’ are linked to 34 accounts across Facebook and Instagram,” the Facebook employees noted in the memo. “We have reviewed these entities and determined that 6 accounts violate our policies and will be removed.”

“We continue to review these entities on our platforms, but the remaining accounts do not currently violate our policies – including our Dedicated Vaccine Discouraging Entities (DVDE) policy.”

Even when Facebook employees started paying very close attention to the names on the Disinfo Dozen list, they were unable to find any violations to warrant removal as the CCDH and Ahmed had demanded.

“To be clear, the Brandon White House didn’t just want Facebook to censor the Disinformation Dozen’s Facebook posts,” noted Rep. Jordan in a tweet. “They wanted EVERYTHING censored – across all social media platforms.”

Rep. Jordan then quoted former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki who stated:

“If you’re banned on one social media platform, you should be banned on other social media platforms.”

Censorship is the only thing the globalists have left to try to keep a lid on the truth, which is still spreading like wildfire. Learn more at Censorship.news.

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