White House Says There Will be a Recession and Millions of Jobs Lost if Republicans Don't Bend to Biden's Demands on Debt Ceiling (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Wednesday said if the US goes into default, there will be a recession and millions of jobs lost

“This is a manufactured crisis, plain and simple…That’s what we’ve been dealing with…Just listen to members of the House Freedom Caucus,” Karine Jean-Pierre said.

She added, “What is at stake? A default would have catastrophic impacts in every single part of this country whether you are in a red state or in a blue state…we are talking about millions of jobs lost, devastated retirement accounts and a recession!”

The US is already in a recession thanks to Brandon.

According to reports, McCarthy told House Republicans on Tuesday of the debt ceiling talks: “We are no where near a deal yet.”

Brandon waited 97 days to engage in debt ceiling talks with House Speaker McCarthy and other congressional leaders.

The White House is facing a June 1 deadline.

House Republicans passed a debt ceiling resolution in April but the White House is blaming the looming default on the GOP.


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