Whoopi Goldberg Desperately Tries To Spin Classified Docs Scandal For Biden (VIDEO)

On the train wreck TV show known as ‘The View’ this week, host Whoopi Goldberg twisted herself into knots, trying to spin the classified documents scandal unfolding around Brandon.

Everything is different when Democrats do it.

NewsBusters reports:

Whoopi Claims Brandon Declassified All the Documents in His House

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With a fifth batch of classified documents being found in President Brandon’s Delaware residence by the FBI, with some dating back to his time as a U.S. senator, ABC’s Whoopi Goldberg was exceptionally desperate in trying to protect the President from himself. She kicked off Monday’s edition of The View by asserting that Brandon had declassified all the documents at his house, something not even the White House has claimed, and wanted everyone to calm down.

“Presidents and vice presidents can declassify these. Not with their brains,” she declared, mocking former President Trump, despite her making the same argument on Brandon’s behalf. “You have to go — there is something that you go through before it’s declassified.”

Without evidence of Brandon’s supposed declassification of the documents in question, Goldberg argued that former President Obama gave Brandon the authority to declassify. She also whined about people getting bent out of shape about Brandon possessing classified documents when he wasn’t allowed to…

Whoopi’s argument basically boils down to, if Brandon did it, it’s OK, but Trump is still bad. It makes no sense and follows no logic. Watch below:

Amazingly, Whoopi got some pushback:

Whoopi didn’t like that.

It’s stunning to watch liberals in media try to excuse Brandon for this while continuing to pile on Trump.

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