Why Doesn't the Fake News Fact-Check Joe Biden? Old Joe's Latest Incoherent Attacks on the "MAGA Gang" Were Complete Rubbish

On Friday gas prices hit an all-time record. Inflation hit a 40-year record. Natural gas and diesel also hit new all-time records.

In response to the latest catastrophic economic news Brandon went before reporters and attacked the “MAGA gang” and Senator Rick Scott. Brandon accused Rick Scott of supporting tax cuts and working with the MAGA crowd to cut Social Security and Medicare.

Then he started his creepy whisper thing again.

Of course, his attacks were complete nonsense.

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Senator Rick Scott later pointed out that everything Brandon said was inaccurate or a blatant lie.

And, of course, the media let Brandon get away with this once again.
It’s like you can’t trust a word they say anymore?

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