WI Speaker Robin Vos Stiffs Committee Chair Janel Brandtjen with Attorney Costs After They Are Sued for Investigating State Election Commission

The Gateway Pundit learned on Wednesday from an anonymous source that Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos has denied legal representation to the Chair of the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections, Representative Janel Brandtjen.

In March of 2021 the Wisconsin State Assembly passed Assembly Resolution AR-15 directing the assembly committee on campaigns and elections to investigate the 2020 election due to the various issues and concerns including noncompliance with election laws. Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos and the entire leadership team voted in favor of this measure.

In the course of the committee’s investigation, Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul, on behalf of the Wisconsin Election Commission filed a lawsuit against Brandtjen, Vos and Special Counsel Michael Gableman.

It is believed that Vos has spent over $250,000 of taxpayer money on his defense, but has denied legal representation to Brandtjen in the course of her duties. The very duties that the Speaker had assigned to her. Now Brandtjen is forced to pay for her own defense as Vos refuses to help her with the costs.

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This is Robin Vos in action. What a disgrace.

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