"Will Become Exponentially Worse...Don't End Title 42!"

Donald Trump issued a warning that the crisis at the border is going to get even worse.

He called for Title 42, a public health law that allows migrants seeking asylum to be expelled during the COVID pandemic, to remain in place.

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The horrendous Southern Border situation, which just two years ago was the strongest and safest, by far, in our Country’s history, will become exponentially worse than it is now with the dangerous ending of Title 42. Ten million people a year, plus. What the Democrats are doing is not even believable. Don’t end Title 42!

The Brandon Administration is preparing for 14,000 migrants to cross the border every day if Title 42 is lifted – this is 5.1 million a year.

Forbes reported:

The Brandon Administration is reportedly preparing for as many as 14,000 migrants to attempt unauthorized crossings of the southern border every day as soon as next week, when a controversial Covid-era policy aimed at expelling undocumented migrants expires—a potential spike that would add to a two-year surge in asylum seekers at the southern border.

The possible influx after Title 42 ends would come after border officials apprehended more than 16,000 people last weekend, which was particularly busy, including an average of 2,460 people attempting to cross over three days in El Paso, which has faced the brunt of a recent surge in migrant crossings, according to U.S. Border Patrol Chief Peter Jaquez.

Title 42, which is often used to expel undocumented migrants to their home country or to Mexico within hours, has been heavily criticized by immigration groups for upending migrants’ ability to seek asylum protection and stay in the U.S.—though congressional Republicans have called on it to be extended to address what they consider a crisis overwhelming the border.

The Supreme Court issued a pause on Title 42 expiring after 19 states filed an emergency application for a stay.

The Epoch Times reported:

The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to pause the expiration of Title 42 after 19 states filed an emergency application for a stay.

Chief Justice John Roberts has temporarily stayed a lower court’s decision that would lift Title 42 on Wednesday. He called for an “administrative stay” that puts the order on hold while the justices consider the multistate request.

The GOP needs to take steps to secure the US border. 

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