Will Russia's Invasion in Ukraine Destroy the US Dollar or Will Biden Do This All by Himself?

We’ve reported for months how Brandon is doing all he can to destroy the US dollar.  The implications are devastating and most Americans have no idea what is going on.  Now it looks like Russia’s actions in Ukraine may destroy the dollar as well. 

The US dollar is the world’s currency.  This creates demand for the dollar and allows the US to use the dollar as a tool in manipulating nations into acting the way the US wants.  This is being destroyed under Brandon and it has major implications.

The county in the world that owns the currency, is the country in power.  This is why globalists must destroy the dollar rather than allow it to continue as the world’s currency.  Brandon has been doing all he can to destroy the dollar through insane actions at home and abroad.  Brandon is spending like a mad man while encouraging countries like Saudi Arabia, Russia and China to go to a different currency.

We first reported on this last year when we saw the Saudis begin to talk to Russia about trading oil with them outside of the dollar.  For decades the Saudis have traded oil in dollars.  In turn, the US protected the Saudis and provided them with military weapons.

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But Brandon opened up talks with Iran again and the implications are that the Saudis and other nations will move away from relations with the US as a result.

Brandon-Obama Are Killing the Petro Dollar and the US Economy By Aligning with Iran While Helping Russia Immensely

This movement away from the dollar could be devastating to the US economy.   Now due to Brandon’s actions, Russia is mandating that countries it sells its gas to must trade in Russian rubles.

The US Dollar is in Great Peril – Brandon’s Actions Are Destroying It – The World Is De-Dollarizing – Will Have Major Implications for All Americans

Today the Rebel Capitalist notes that the bigger prize than Ukraine for the Russians may be collapsing of the US dollar.  Putin’s actions and Brandon’s responses to date may end up in this result.



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